Eisner 2021 | Confira as indicações da DC Comics na premiação deste ano

    A DC Comics recebeu ao todo 17 indicações (contando categorias individuais e compartilhadas) no Prêmio Eisner 2021, o ‘Oscar’ dos quadrinhos e principal premiação mundial da nona arte. Confira abaixo:

    Melhor Conto

    • “Garden Boys” by Henry McCausland, in Now #8 (Fantagraphics)
    • “I Needed the Discounts” by Connor Willumsen, in The New York Times (January 3, 2020)
    • “Parts of Us,” by Chan Chau, in Elements: Earth, A Comic Anthology by Creators of Color (Ascend Press)
    • “Rookie,” by Greg Rucka and Eduardo Risso, in Detective Comics #1027 (DC)
    • “Soft Lead,” by Chan Chau, https://chanchauart.com/comics#/soft-lead/
    • “When the Menopausal Carnival Comes to Town,” by Mimi Pond, in Menopause: A Comic Treatment (Graphic Medicine/Pennsylvania State University Press)

    Melhor Edição Individual

    • The Burning Hotels, by Thomas Lampion (Birdcage Bottom Books)
    • Hedra, by Jesse Lonergan (Image)
    • The Other History of the DC Universe #1, by John Ridley and Giuseppe Camuncoli (DC)
    • Sports Is Hell, by Ben Passmore (Koyama Press)
    • Stanley’s Ghost: A Halloween Adventure, by Jeff Balke, Paul Storrie, and Dave Alvarez (Storm Kids)

    Melhor Série Limitada

    • Barbalien: Red Planet, by Jeff Lemire, Tate Brombal, and Gabriel Hernandez Walta (Dark Horse)
    • Decorum, by Jonathan Hickman and Mike Huddleston (Image)
    • Far Sector, by N. K. Jemisin and Jamal Campbell (DC)
    • Strange Adventures, by Tom King, Mitch Gerads, and Evan “Doc” Shaner (DC Black Label)
    • Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen, by Matt Fraction and Steve Lieber (DC)
    • We Live, by Inaki Miranda and Roy Miranda (AfterShock)

    Melhor Publicação Infantil (De 9 a 12 anos)

    • Doodleville, by Chad Sell (Knopf/BFYR/RH Children’s Books)
    • Go with the Flow, by Lily Williams and Karen Schneemann (First Second/Macmillan)
    • Mister Invincible: Local Hero, by Pascal Jousselin (Magnetic Press)
    • Snapdragon, by Kat Leyh (First Second/Macmillan)
    • Superman Smashes the Klan, by Gene Luen Yang and Gurihiru (DC)
    • Twins, by Varian Johnson and Shannon Wright (Scholastic Graphix)

    Melhor Publicação de Humor

    • The Complete Fante Bukowski, by Noah Van Sciver (Fantagraphics)
    • Department of Mind-Blowing Theories, by Tom Gauld (Drawn & Quarterly)
    • FANGS, by Sarah Andersen (Andrews McMeel)
    • Wendy, Master of Art, by Walter Scott (Drawn & Quarterly)
    • Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen, by Matt Fraction and Steve Lieber (DC)
    • What If We Were . . ., by Axelle Lenoir (Top Shelf)

    Melhor Adaptação de Outro Meio

    • Constitution Illustrated, by R. Sikoryak (Drawn & Quarterly)
    • Parable of the Sower: The Graphic Novel Adaptation, by Octavia E. Butler, adapted by Damian Duffy and John Jennings (Abrams)
    • Sapiens: A Graphic History: The Birth of Mankind, vol. 1, by Yuval Noah Harari, adapted by David
    • Vandermeulen and Daniel Casanave (Harper Perennial)
    • Slaughterhouse-Five, by Kurt Vonnegut, adapted by Ryan North and Albert Monteys (Archaia/BOOM!)
    • Superman Smashes the Klan, adapted by Gene Luen Yang and Gurihiru (DC)

    Melhor Escritor

    • Ed Brubaker, Pulp, Reckless (Image); Friday (Panel Syndicate)
    • Matt Fraction, Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen (DC); Adventureman, November vols. 2–3, Sex Criminals (Image)
    • Jonathan Hickman, Decorum (Image); Giant-Size X-Men, X-Men OTHERS?? (Marvel)
    • Jeff Lemire, Barbalien, Black Hammer, Colonel Weird: Cosmagog (Dark Horse); The Question: The Deaths of Vic Sage (DC Black Label); Family Tree, Gideon Falls (Image)
    • James Tynion IV, Something Is Killing the Children, Wynd (BOOM! Studios); Batman (DC); The Department of Truth (Image); Razorblades (Tiny Onion)
    • Chip Zdarsky, Stillwater (Image/Skybound), Daredevil, Fantastic Four/X-Men (Marvel)

    Melhor Desenhista/Colorista ou Desenhista/Time de desenho

    • Michael Allred, Bowie: Stardust, Rayguns & Moonage Daydreams (Insight Editions)
    • Marco Chechetto, Daredevil (Marvel)
    • Jorge Corona, Middlewest (Image)
    • Bertrand Gatignol, Pistouvi (Magnetic Press)
    • Mitch Gerads/Evan “Doc” Shaner, Strange Adventures (DC Black Label)
    • Sanford Greene, Bitter Root (Image)

    Melhor Artista de Capa

    • Jamal Campbell, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (BOOM! Studios); Far Sector (DC)
    • Simone Di Meo, We Only Find Them When They’re Dead (BOOM! Studio)
    • Mike Huddleston, Decorum (Image)
    • Dave Johnson, Butcher of Paris (Dark Horse)
    • Peach Momoko, Buffy the Vampire Slayer #19, Mighty Morphin #2, Something Is Killing the Children #12, Power Rangers #1 (BOOM! Studios); DIE!namite, Vampirella (Dynamite); The Crow: Lethe (IDW); Marvel Variants (Marvel
    • Ramón K. Pérez, Stillwater (Image/Skybound)

    Melhor Letrista

    • Mike Allred, Bowie: Stardust, Rayguns & Moonage Daydreams (Insight Editions)Deron Bennett, Bear, The Sacrifice of Darkness (Archaia); King of Nowhere, Something Is Killing the Children, We Only Find Them When They’re Dead (BOOM! Studios); Far Sector, Harley Quinn: Black + White + Red, Martian Manhunter (DC); Excellence (Image/Skybound); A Dark Interlude, Dark One, Relics of Youth, Resonant, Shadow Service, Vampire: The Masquerade: Winter’s Teeth (Vault); Ping Pong (VIZ Media)
    • Aditya Bidikar, Barbalien: Red Planet, Grafity’s Wall Expanded Edition (Dark Horse); John Constantine, Hellblazer (DC); A Map to the Sun (First Second); The Department of Truth, Lost Soldiers (Image); Giga, The Picture of Everything Else (Vault)
    • Clayton Cowles, Aquaman, Batman, Batman and the Outsiders, Strange Adventures, Superman: Man of Tomorrow, Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen (DC); Adventureman, Bitter Root, Bog Bodies, Die (Image); Reaver (Image/Skybound); Morbius, X Of Swords (Marvel)
    • Stan Sakai, Usagi Yojimbo (IDW)
    • Rus Wooton, Wonder Woman: Dead Earth (DC); Decorum, Monstress (Image); Die!Die!Die!, Fire Power, Oblivion Song, Outcast, Stillwater (Image/Skybound)

    A premiação dos vencedores ocorrerá durante a San Diego Comic-Con, que ocorrerá de 23 à 25 de julho deste ano. Confira a lista completa com as demais categorias -neste link-.

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